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Customized dental packaging can greatly enhance your brand and practice. We are a highly experienced Dental Box manufacturing company focused on making sure dentists thrive in the community that they serve. Every dentist now has the powerful ability to change their image, with our high quality export boxes based on their brand theme, colors and needs. Even flat-fold boxes which collapse to save space can be made. These rigid paper boxes made from recycled cardboard also contribute to making eco-friendly branding instead of plastic packaging. Trusted by hundreds of dentists, we offer to you the same privilege to promote your brand.

Dental Aligner Packaging Solutions

Bell Printers, India is a customized Dental Box supplier with over three decades of experience in delivering packaging solutions for a wide range of clients including those with hospital chains and individual clinics


Invisible Aligner
kit Packaging

Dent Care Dental Labs is India’s largest dental lab. As a manufacturer of world-class dental prostheses and precision attachments, We makes their extraordinary packaging. Dental aligner Welcome Kit box is designed to accommodate the invisible dental aligners (5 Pcs), aligner plastic case and accessories like chewie, remover and so on

Organizer Boxes

Our Dental Aligner Organizer boxes have designated separate compartments to hold the aligner for each time period. The entire box dimensions, and partitions can be completely customized along with making it to your preferred opening style.



Our boxes are exported to many dental labs worldwide from the Middle East, Europe and Australia. Dental aligner patient box can carry the set of invisible dental aligners (20 Pcs) and other aligner accessories. While most of our customers have similar requirements, our box making quality standards are truly world class and have built a reputation that remains unparelled. The raw materials can also be specially certified to meet region-specific requirements

Customized Multi-Purpose
Aligner Kit Boxes

Dentists have the option to work with us on complete customization, adding many compartments, drawers and foam partitions perfectly matched to their products. This complete dental care box is a multipurpose storage box. It has a product-specific inserts at the top, opened with flaps, concealed magnets and ample space at the bottom drawer


World Class

Our partnership with the leading German press manufacturers, who have supplied us with a battery of press and post-press equipment, has geared us for world-class productivity with consistent quality. Machine downtimes are exceptionally rare because of adopting superior German engineering and technology to box making.

Call us Virtual
Factory tour

Whether its on WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom, we can schedule formal or casual meetings to show you around our factory, infrastructure or materials used.




Using upgraded version of traditional embossing, we offer fantastic 3D depth.

3D emboss.jpg


For a elegant look and luxury feel we offer extraordinary customer experience with ribbons



Excellent product display in your box is much needed than a packaging. plan yours now with our structural engineers



Attractive glossy look on specific area or a logo will definitely influence a purchase decision



The process of applying metallic or foil effects on your boxes, will provides luxury feel to your box.



An ancient printing technique particularly suited for flat or relatively flat surfaces.


World Class Infrastructure

Our world-class facilities attract the best of customers to start their dental packaging projects with us. They look for our proactive investments in the latest printing technologies, which can help and improve your packaging with high international ISO standards.


Quality First

Our quest for the perfection in our work, is not just an experience. It is an embedded culture that we take very seriously. Our stringent quality control measures in all our packaging projects, has created a team of highly skilled industry experts as a quality control staff who seek the high benchmarks right from sourcing itself.

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Exceptionally trained friendly English speaking staff are always ready to assist you in the chat, emails and video calls.

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Get your custom made box quotation within 48 hours. Or confirm with just a formal layout sketch if you wish.

Choose your Box Type

Choose unique styles for your box, and stand out in the selling rat race. We are always keen on building on your individual ideas.

Place your Golden Sample

Helping customers to finalize their order by our excellent sample making process, get your custom sample now.

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Using industry standard technologies, we assist our clients in different time zones, simply by video chats.

Onto Mass Production

Place your bulk order and greatly expand your customer base with cleverly designed boxes.

Mass Production

Our team of skilled box makers is instructed and trained to make fine craftmanship in every box.  We enjoy and curate every packaging need that comes to us- we usually take two weeks to process any custom orders. 


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