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Based in South India, DB is powered by the box manufacturing excellence of Bell Printers, a renowned brand that was established in 1957. For more than five decades Bell Pins, the parent company dominated the Indian steel stationery section and Bell Printers provided the boxes which were sold to a billion people in the country. Today the packaging division caters to multiple sectors and specialist industries of which Dental Boxes is a prime focus. We welcome dentists and allied sectors for cooperative agreements to manufacture packaging for aligners and other products.


We're an experienced manufacturer of rigid boxes. As a matter of fact, we know how to

  • create cost-effective packaging

  • produce high-quality branded boxes

  • deliver on time

  • ship across the world

You are a part of it right away. We provide you our complete attention. We appreciate your suggestions and comments, on the basis of which we modify the printing details, testing, prototyping, mass manufacturing, and delivery processes.

You have complete control over your projects, to put it simply.

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