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Electric Smart
Toothbrush Box

Get the best in dental care with Dental Box.IN's electric toothbrush boxes! Our custom-designed boxes are perfect for smart, next-generation toothbrushes, ensuring each brush comes safely and securely packed for maximum protection. Plus, our environmentally friendly materials are 100% recyclable and reduce plastic waste. Get your electric toothbrush box today and get brushing the smart way!

Smart Brushes Needs Smart Boxes

Upgrade your smart brush box with our incredible Electric Tooth Brush Box! This smart packaging solution is designed to keep your electric toothbrush safe, secure and easily accessible. Crafted with high-quality materials and an attractive design, it's the perfect companion to make your daily brushing routine more enjoyable. Get ready for a healthier smile with our superior packaging boxes!


100% Super Strong 
Boxes Ever

Upgrade your packaging experience with the our electric toothbrush box! Our innovative, sleek box designs will make sure your smart brush is safe and secure while you travel. Keep your toothbrush germ-free, dust-proof and protected from any outside damage with our protective boxes. Get ready to enjoy a hassle-free brushing experience every time you use it!

Packaging Will Work
Like Magic

Your packaging is where the quality papers, interior partitions, and imported boards are created. Every action is planned, scientifically verified, expertly supervised, compliant with international norms, and of export-quality. Your packaging is in good hands, relax.

How we work

Curating luxury packaging is not rocket science

But Packagineering is science invloved and safe

  • Story behind the box
    We as a packaging box manufacturer, have high engineering knowledge and experience in making a variety of boxes. When it comes to dental boxes, we have a high responsibility to make sure the boxes should follow hygienic and clinically approved methods. 1. These boxes are made from specially curated with specifically selected and FSC certified paper boards. 2. Boxes are made with cruelty free gelatin glue for pasting wrappers and every other pasting processes. 3. Maintaining high hygiene and clinically approved procedures to make boxes. 4. We as a tier two city company, empower thousands of women and make their livelihood with our company’s community centric policies and processes. 5. Every woman on our shopfloor makes your boxes with a happy smile, sure to make your clients keep smiling with your products in our boxes!
  • Organizing is an art
    As a young dynamic company we actively look forward to make your business well presented to your customer. Many customers came to us with a frustrated mind that the product they send in a box is completely damaged or scattered because of no proper planning for organizing products in side the box. Our 3D modelers and Key Line Artists will procedurally visit every nook and corner of your products and plan for the internal placements in box both in artistic drawing and animated 3D output. Frustration-free is what you will feel, when we do the organizing for your box- as we take this complex puzzle and will make sure to wow your customers with a great unboxing experience.
  • Futuristic packaging partner
    Advanced Packaging styles and designs Hassle free customer experience High quality sourcing Premium quality materials Advanced packaging ideas Premium deliveries

what makes us the experts?


Technologically Advanced Machines

ISO Certified Organization & Processes

India's First Factory Specially For Dental Packaging

100+ Unique Packaging

20+ Expert Inhouse Packaging Designers

1M Boxes
Shipped Across the Globe

Constant Virtual Support

High Quality Packaging

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Dental Essentials Box

Take a look at our exceptionally curated dental packaging box projects

Witness the packaging Magic

The following testimonials are non-fictional

Prompt service and responsive despite time zone variances. Pleasant customer service team, who were results driven and offered alternatives with comparable quality to ensure my tight timeline could be met.

Tun Mazika

Got packaging boxes manufactured from them. Apart from some logistics issue while delivery their team was impeccable and extremely professional.

Roy Eliza

We were amazed by the printing quality of the boxes, beyond our expectation. You can totally trust them, one of the most reliable and responsible printing services I've came across.

Amit Mishra

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