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Are you looking for good packaging?

DB, an award-winning packaging specialist in India who focuses on packaging style, cost-effectiveness, and unmatched quality for Dental Box.


How you want to deal with the packaging?

Whole Packaging Design

Don't know where to start from your packaging project? No worries, we are here to assist you from the sketch. 


Product Layout Design

Have an idea for your packaging but not sure about the internal layout structure? 

we are here to help you. 


Why Dental Box

Based in South India, DB is powered by the box manufacturing excellence of Bell Printers, a renowned brand that was established in 1957. For more than five decades Bell Pins, the parent company dominated the Indian steel stationery section and Bell Printers provided the boxes which were sold to a billion people in the country. Today the packaging division caters to multiple sectors and specialist industries of which Dental Boxes is a prime focus. We welcome dentists and allied sectors for cooperative agreements to manufacture packaging for aligners and other products.

Are you looking for packaging solutions like these?

Which Product Craves Your Tailor-Made Solution?

Creating tailored packaging solutions for dental products like aligners, dental lab kits, dentures, and impression kits is essential. These items have unique shapes and materials requiring specialized packaging. Sturdy boxes, clear instructions, and ergonomic designs are crucial. Customized solutions ensure product safety, integrity, and user convenience for dental professionals and patients.


Dentures Kits Packaging


Dental Lab Kits Packaging


Aligners Packaging

How Can We Transform Your Packaging Experience?

Artistic Approach

Packaging is the first thing a customer sees and can often be the determining factor in whether or not they make a purchase. That's why it's important to approach packaging design with an artistic eye.

Structural Design

Structural design plays a crucial role in packaging. It determines the shape and form of the packaging, as well as how it will hold and protect the product.

Texture Curation

By carefully curating the texture of your packaging, you can create a packaging experience that engages the senses and enhances the customer's overall impression of your brand.

Why are we better than normal packaging boxes supplier?

5 Reasons why you should choose us

At Dental Box

Pain Point Based Approach

One stop Solution Provider

Innovative Packaging Styles

Dedicated Support

Shipping World Wide


You are one of the customer

Complex Operation

Technically weak 

Might be a trader

Communication difficulty

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